Do you know the Scilly Islands?  Tropical and exotic part of England

Do you know the Scilly Islands? Tropical and exotic part of England

The pristine white beaches of… England? Yes, this exists. On the coast of Cornwall is a group of paradise islands resembling the Caribbean Sea, called the Isles of Scilly.

Maybe you don’t feel like a tropical vacation with England and are thinking more rain and warm bars. But there is a corner with the atmosphere of the Caribbean. The English Isles of Scilly, or Isles of Scilly, are located off the coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. In the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are five inhabited islands and 140 small uninhabited islands.

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The Isles of Scilly have a different temperature than England

The five inhabited islands consist of St. Mary, where most people live, St. Maarten, with beautiful beaches and even wild seals, Trescoe rich with palm trees brimming with roses and peaceful St. Agnes/Gouges and Briehr. The population of the archipelago is just over 2,000. Most of them live in Saint Mary’s. in St. Mary’s You can easily rent a kayak or bike in the capital, Hugh Town. The distances are not great and the car is completely unnecessary. In addition, boats regularly sail between the islands that take you from island to island.

They do not know the snow or the freezing cold on the Isles of Scilly. How do these tropical islands feel? All this has to do with the warm sea current in the North Atlantic. In addition to the wonderful nature, the islands also have a lot of history. As a visitor, you will find ancient ruins, medieval buildings, and remains from the Roman era. People have lived on the islands since the Stone Age.

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Underwater world full of treasures

Especially the impressive underwater world and colorful coral reefs are a delight for divers and snorkelers. During a diving trip, you may come across an old shipwreck. There is a great deal of history in the waters of the archipelago. Today, amazing treasures are still washed up on the beaches. For example, 90-year-old archaeologist Richard Larne found Once, during the investigation of shipwrecks, thousands of gold coins.

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Do you know the Scilly Islands? Tropical and exotic part of England

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