Disturbances in Brunssum after the outbreak of the British Corona type |  1 Limburg

Disturbances in Brunssum after the outbreak of the British Corona type | 1 Limburg

The outbreak of the British variant of the Coronavirus at a care center in Brunssum has nothing to do with vaccinating residents two weeks ago. This says Kenna Coster, Cicero’s chairman.

At the Emmastaete Care Center, 21 residents and 17 employees were infected with the Coronavirus in a short time. Four residents died from the infection. After research by GGD, the British Corona variant was found in five people, and it is the most contagious of the type circulating in Limburg last year.

Emmastaete nursing home employees receive numerous questions about possible relationships with vaccination, mainly driven by suggestions on social media. “It is impossible for the infection to be related to the vaccination,” Coster said. Residents of Emmastaete were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine over a three-day period from January 26. “This vaccine does not contain any viral particles. This means that you cannot become infected.”

After the vaccination week, the staff were on additional alert for the physical condition of the residents. In the first week of February, any complaints after vaccination should have been resolved, but a number of residents remained ill. “We think people were already infected at the time of the vaccination, although there were no complaints at all. If we knew that, we wouldn’t have been vaccinated. That’s why I asked GGD if we should test in advance in the future we are going to get vaccinated. According to the GGD it was not … This is necessary, but it remains possible that there is someone in the incubation period at the moment of vaccination. “

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Visitor List
Emmastaete already has restrictions in the visitor’s scheme, but it doesn’t completely close the care home doors, as was the case in care homes during the first wave. “It is a very difficult decision to reach a central agreement on this. People live with us, where the priority lies. How does this person do, and what does he need to feel comfortable? Finding a balance between containing the virus and the safety and dignity of our residents. People being able to receive visits from loved ones where they live. “.

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