Disneyland Paris disables fire effects in response to fire in US

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A massive fire at an American Disney park had consequences for Disneyland Paris. A fire broke out at the Disneyland Resort in California last weekend during an evening screening of Fantasmic. For unknown reasons, a meter-high fire-breathing dragon burst into flames. Disney took several steps.

As a precaution, some fire effects at Disneyland Paris will not be used for the time being. For example, the fire-breathing dragon in the daily parade at Disney’s Stars on Parade is currently disabled. Disney management has not released anything about it. Insiders tell Loopings that the change is actually related to an incident in the US.

VIDEO: Fireworks cause fire during Disneyland Paris show

Flamethrowers were also used until recently in Disney Dreams, an evening show at Disneyland Paris’s Fairytale Castle. Following the incident in California, it was decided to temporarily freeze those effects as well. Disney first wants to know what caused the fire so that it becomes clear if any changes to the technology are needed.

sleeping beauty
Fantasmic is an open-air show usually performed in the evening at Disneyland Park in the United States. The dragon is supposed to represent Maleficent, the evil character from Sleeping Beauty. No one was injured in the fire. Since the fire, the show has not been shown. There is also a second version of the production at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida.

This isn’t the first time a giant Disney dragon has caught fire. In 2018, something similar happened with a fire-breathing parading dragon at Magic Kingdom, one of the parks at Walt Disney World. The colossus was heavily damaged. Even then, a similar dragon in Paris had to do without the fire effect for a while.

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