Disney+ gets a cheaper subscription with commercials

Disney+ gets a cheaper subscription with commercials

It’s not clear how much this cheaper subscription will cost. Currently, a Disney+ subscription costs €8.99 per month or €89.99 per year.

In comparison: a Netflix subscription is available for between 7.99 and 15.99 euros per month, while the new HBO Max will launch next week for 6 to 8 euros per month. In the Netherlands we also know Videoland, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV +.

In the Netherlands, Videoland already offers a cheaper subscription with ads: you pay 4.99 euros instead of 7.99 euros. This form is more common on the other side of the ocean. There, HBO Max costs five dollars less ($10) with ads and Hulu offers a standard $12.99 per month subscription that costs about half with ads ($6.99).

stunted growth

Initially, the new subscription will only be tested in the US, starting at the end of this year. Here in the Netherlands we will be able to use it in 2023 at the earliest.

The move likely has something to do with Disney’s big ambitions to grow for the service. Disney+ currently has nearly 130 million subscribers, while aiming to grow to 260 million. The last quarter came there again 12 million subscribers Bee.

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