'Disastrous situation' in Belgium due to torrential rains: six dead

‘Disastrous situation’ in Belgium due to torrential rains: six dead

The eastern provinces of Limburg, Liege, Luxembourg and the more central Flemish Brabant were affected by the rains.

On the River Vesder in the village of Pepinster near Liège, dozens of houses collapsed as a result of the floods, Reports Belgian broadcaster VRT. Various pictures show how people are waiting on the rooftops for help. In Wallonia, the risk of flooding is very high and Code Red has been declared.

A boy in Yubin drowns

Six people are known to have died. One of them died as a 22-year-old boy According to the latest news After jumping into the fast-flowing water with a swimming ring. His body was later found lifeless in a stream. In Aywaille, a 50-year-old man died in a flooded cellar.

Then four bodies were found Thursday afternoon in Verviers, in Liege province. No further details about these victims have been disclosed at the moment.

hours in the water

Floods are also significant elsewhere in the country. “The situation is catastrophic,” Joe Rogen, mayor of the village of Gitbits in Flemish Brabant, told VRT. “We’ve been in the water for several hours and it doesn’t seem like it will get better right away.”

According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo, all available emergency aid is being used, including that of the army.

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