“Disappeared with a very nice tennis teacher”

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With butterflies in your stomach, sometimes some blunders make you better laugh.

Shelley (29), mother of Neo (6):

“Nio was a real gift. My ex-girlfriend was pregnant when we had Relationship I got. From day one he felt like my baby. I was more attached to him than to his mother, and it soon became apparent; Our relationship broke down after a year.


Nio is still with me every weekend. He thinks this is a joy, because he shares my passion for tennis. And so he played careless on the court during the youth tournament, while I disappeared into the kitchen with my very nice tennis teacher.

“I can drown in the ground”

It was just time for the awards ceremony when Nio came to the cafeteria and couldn’t find me. “Your mother is vomiting amongst the bitterballen!” Scream an older club member, just like I got canteen Intervened.

I could have drowned in the ground, but Nio saved the situation, and without realizing the extent of the blow, she said, “That’s why her balls are the best.” My tennis teacher is still courtship. “

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new dad

Marianne (35), mother of Louis (6):

“Spring, a terrace in the city. After a while of shopping, Louis and I ordered two glasses of homemade iced tea. ‘You are lucky,’ said the waiter, ‘to go out with such a beautiful lady.’ Lewis did not flinch, took a sip of his drink, and said, “It’s only my mother, and I have a father already, but she is looking for a new one.”

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