Dirksen praises Hendrix, but remains loyal to Genee: 'I won't take Gijp and me'

Dirksen praises Hendrix, but remains loyal to Genee: ‘I won’t take Gijp and me’

The Veronica Inside Men begins the new season one week after the last Orange Summer episode, but it’s not yet clear who the presenter will serve. Wilfred Jenny handed the wand to Helen Hendricks the last orange summer week, but he suddenly developed serious personal suffering.

Table buddy Johan Dirksen revealed that Jenny’s mother passed out after falling from the stairs and that his father had a heart attack and died. It brings up bitter memories of Dirksen: His first wife died after a fall from the stairs and he was out of circulation for some time in 2019 after an unfortunate fall. I told him (Jenny, editor): Take it easy, because this is shredding. It couldn’t be more dramatic. On the other hand, I said: I know from my own experience, if something like this happens to you, this work is the best remedy. But you can’t advise anyone about this.” Veronica is inside-Nestor in conversation with telegraph.

Talpa gives Genee plenty of room to recover. Hendrix may take his place on Monday: Dirksen has full faith in Bredase, although he has a comment. Wilfred did 88 or 87 radios, I think. He built that slowly: Helen came in a tidy bed and did a great job. But the ‘erotic’ behavior towards Helen, which she did fantastically and that she took care of the viewing numbers…No, it was Helen is an inexperienced broadcaster and we all made it happen, she felt comfortable, she did a great job, but Wilfred laid the foundation and everything was built.”

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“Shall we not move”
Ultimately, Dirksen asserts, Genee is the perfect presenter for the show. “It’s not that if your father dies, that you can’t come for a few days, your successor is doing so well too, and then you get banished. The world doesn’t work that way, Van der Geep and I don’t click either, I said: I also love Hélène on the table.

next season of Veronica is inside It will most likely be the last. Dirksen, Jenny and van der Jeep are beginning their fourth and final year of their contract with Talpa and have already announced that he will be discontinuing the business in 2022. Even the 72-year-old analyst’s signature mustache is coming out, Announced at the end of May. “Everywhere I go, they start talking to me. I understand that. And if you want to be on TV with your head so hard, you have to accept that too. But I also think it would be nice not to be recognized at all..”

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