Dirk Bolt calls the Spoorloos mismatch 'painful' and asks for time to search |  The media

Dirk Bolt calls the Spoorloos mismatch ‘painful’ and asks for time to search | The media

Dirk Bolt has my viewers without leaving a trace He asked Monday night to give decision makers time to find out how much went wrong while searching for biological parents in Colombia. The presenter describes the situation as “extremely painful.”

There was a lot to do in the past week without leaving a traceBolt said on the first episode of without leaving a trace Since the disclosure of crime journalist Kees van der Sek. “It is very painful that things have gone wrong and that people have experienced grief and disappointment. We have tried with heart and soul for many years to bring people together. It is especially painful for things to go wrong in this area.”

editors without leaving a trace He is now conducting research to find answers to the question of what went wrong in the past. “It takes time,” Bolt said. He again invited previous participants who had doubts or questions about the program to report.

Van der Sek revealed last week that participants in the without leaving a trace Linked to the wrong biological parents in Colombia. The fraudulent Colombian mediator (the mediator) allegedly responsible for the mismatches has cooperated in sixteen cases, according to the crime journalist.

Meanwhile, KRO-NCRV has confirmed two mismatches. Two more matches went well and were confirmed by DNA testing. The other 12 cases are still under investigation. According to the presenter, the continued existence of the program is not in question.

Monday’s broadcast also included research in Colombia. A KRO-NCRV spokesperson said when asked that the controversial broker was not involved in the case.

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