Director Melanges shares a strange story: A man tricked Martine out of money |  RTL Street

Director Melanges shares a strange story: A man tricked Martine out of money | RTL Street

The director talks about the period when Martin was very ill. He was shown crying in a bathrobe in the photo, it was so sad. (…) He was completely upset. “Heart problems,” he said. Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, you name it. It’s true, so you spin it all. Because for the same money it is lung cancer, and as a manufacturer you ignore the period leading up to that diagnosis.”

It soon becomes clear that there is a reason for Martine’s complaints. What happened? He contacted a man online who was going to ask him for money. Martian is a good guy, so he started donating money. He clearly didn’t realize he was involved in something. He said that the man kept asking for money. According to the outlet, Martin is “completely upset” by the situation. “Cry, cry, cry.”

In the end, the director decided to call in the show’s producer. Lawyer Royce de Vries is arranged to help Martine out of trouble.

What surprises the director is that Martin did not trust anyone in the family about the situation. “At that time I was the only one who knew what was happening. Erica didn’t know anything, and the girls didn’t know anything. Complaining every day: ‘I’m not feeling well, I have a stomach ache, my heart ache…’ (…) While, of course, those aches and pains were due to only one thing: psychological pressure from that man (…) Then he trusted me, the director, not his wife.

Timon decides to call Erica as well as the producer. He does this with Martin. Erica handled it very well, according to the director. “It’s times like these that Erica’s at her best, isn’t it?” Then it’s so sweet for him! (…) This is the side of Erica that you don’t immediately suspect, because of course she’s very hot. But if her greatest love lies in shit, she’s the sweetest woman you can have. Very, very involved.

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Fortunately for Martine and the rest of the family, things worked out well in the end: Royce de Vries wrote that man two letters. After the first message, he approached Martin several times, but after the second message he stopped.

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