Direct |  More than 9,000 new cases of corona in Germany |  Interior

Direct | More than 9,000 new cases of corona in Germany | Interior

In Germany, 9,113 new cases of coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours. 508 deaths from the virus have been added, according to reports by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German equivalent of RIVM.

The number of injuries was lower than it was on Thursday, when it reached 10,207 new infections. On Wednesday, the number of new infections reached 7,556, compared to 3,856 cases of Corona on Tuesday. In total, 2,369,719 injuries were recorded in Germany. The death toll reached 67,206. Public Health Minister Jens Spahn recently warned that the UK’s most contagious coronavirus variant is progressing.

Germany is currently under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus and will last until at least March 7. The authorities also extended the entry ban this week from countries with many cases of the Corona mutations. These include the United Kingdom and South Africa.

6.00 a.m. Call from 50 organizations: High schools will reopen immediately

At least 50 organizations are making an urgent appeal to the Council of Ministers to immediately reopen secondary schools. Organizations have a strong interest in the mental health and social development of students. The organizations say, “But it seems that the seriousness of this has not reached politics.”

Organizations, including UNICEF in the Netherlands, Dutch Mental Health Care and Jeugdzorg Nederland, believe that young people are paying a heavy price for the Corona crisis. Half of young people report feeling lonely. There is also an increase in eating disorders, feelings of depression and anxiety among teens.

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4:09 a.m. Japan has reported more than ninety cases of the new Corona variant

On Friday, the Japanese authorities announced that more than ninety cases had been found with the latest type of Corona virus. This relates to the halo mutation referred to as E484K and according to researchers it has appeared in at least fourteen countries, including the Netherlands.

According to the Japanese government, the virus variant was diagnosed 91 times in the eastern Kanto region, and two cases were discovered at airports. The Japanese Institute for Infectious Diseases believes that the Corona mutant entered the country from abroad. It is feared that the coronavirus vaccines that have already been developed will be less effective against this type of Coronavirus.

3:40 am, Texas Senator flies overseas despite Corona regulations

Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator, came under further fire on Thursday. Cruz already received heavy criticism on Wednesday when it was announced that he was on a vacation trip to Cancun, Mexico, while a state of emergency was declared in his native Texas due to winter storms. One day later, he returned to the United States after a storm of criticism. According to the Washington Post, this isn’t the first time Cruz has badly planned a vacation last year; Last summer, Cruz was alleged to have made an unnecessary trip to Jamaica, which was in breach of national Corona rules.

Cruz was said to have traveled to Jamaica during the national holiday on July 4 to visit an old friend in college, sources reported to The Washington Post. At the time, the CDC health service advised against unnecessary air movement to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Returning travelers must also have a corona test when they return home and be quarantined for seven days. It is not known if Cruz did this.

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02.02 in the morning Concern about vaccinations in Curaçao

Curaçao wants to start vaccinating residents against Corona on Wednesday, February 24th. The government announced this on Thursday. At the same time, there is fear among the authorities about how many people actually want to be vaccinated.

Ambaro dos Santos, leader of the opposition party Corso de Nos Tour (“Curaçao is king of us all”) for two seats in Parliament, advised residents this week not to be vaccinated. According to the party leader, it is best to drink water with lemon and take aspirin.

Health Minister Zeta Jesus Leto described the call on Thursday as “extremely irresponsible”. Curaçao wants to vaccinate the largest possible number of citizens. It will start with people over the age of 60 and people working in the healthcare sector.

According to the minister, there is a great fear on the island of vaccination. For example, there is a group of people who believe that the vaccination has been introduced to the market very quickly; They do not trust scientific research. Also, some people fear possible side effects. Jesus Leto wants to calm these fears with information in the coming period.

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