Different ways to bet

Betting has always been very popular, but in recent years more and more people have started to take a liking to the excitement and thrill of placing a couple of dollars on the big game of the night. Today there are many different ways of betting outside of just picking the winner upfront.

Regardless of whether or not you’re someone who enjoys placing a bet every once in a while or if you’re interested in trying your hand at it for the first time, the betting world can be incredibly confusing. To add to this it’s not uncommon for betting platforms to more or less not give out too much information in regards to how everything works. Sure, looking at the nfl week 13 odds and then picking a winner can be fun but it might also increase your enjoyment of betting if you learn more about the different options that are available to gamblers. It’s also worth noting that these examples can be used in just about every sport and we are simply using football as an example.

Over/under bets 

Over/under bets are a common offering at many bookmakers and have become a popular choice among players who like a little bit of complexity to their bets. These bets work from a baseline proposition and the best way to explain how it works is through an example. The proposition is as follows: the Colts will score 6.5 touchdowns in the game. If you take the under you believe that they will score under 6.5 touchdowns, whereas the over implies the opposite. If you feel uncertain about who will win this can be a good alternative way of betting. 

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Parlays is a bet that combines several different things during a game. Like with the last paragraph, an example is the best way to explain this. For example a parlay can be structured as follows: if one of the best American football players Tom Brady throws for 250 yards, the Buccaneers catch one interception, and their opponents score less than 4.5 touchdowns. This is a small parlay and many gambling sites have little to no restrictions on how you wish to structure it. 

Live betting

Live betting is a form of gambling where you, as the name explains, bet while the game is still ongoing. This is perfect if you see something that you wish to capitalize on, and many people like this form of betting since it adds a whole lot of excitement. 

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