DICE removes 128-player hack mode from Battlefield 2042 – Games – News

I have absolutely no pity.

If you look at the reasons most of the original DICE team left the studio, you can really understand, most developers didn’t like how BF5 was released and pushed and many left.

The lead developer of the new frostbite engine has also left the studio due to stress etc, and the people who made the old BF stories have also left.

A whole new team of developers has jumped almost in the middle of production, here are the people who make shooter games like CoD, for example, Apex, all fast and crazy shooters who have to make money ASAP with skins etc.

Also, the team clearly lied about how long the game took to develop, first it was 16 months and ended up being 10-12 months with very crushing time, so the game is also half finished.

I don’t think at all (except for a few) that there was a real passion for this game when developing it, it was just a quick cash grab with minimal resources and a desire to make the most of the “live service”. (Not to mention that they first wanted to pull the plug a month ago.)

After all this fuss etc the team decided not to give up on 2042 and put off the development of the next game, this is not a good sign from a passionate heart to part with a good product but it is simply counter to all the negativity and because people felt ripped off.

Like I said, I can only feel sorry for an OG who is still with DICE and really wanted to make something out of it but that can be accounted for with less than one hand. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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