'DFS's Biggest Deal'

‘DFS’s Biggest Deal’

Romania’s martial arts organization Dynamite Fighting Show (DFS) has signed a unique distribution agreement with five US networks. As a result, Dutch kickboxers will be found in the United States as well.

DFS is the most popular martial arts and kickboxing organization in Romania, now spreading its wings over the American mainland. Well known Dutch kickboxers are constantly fighting in DFS and they will now undoubtedly get a bigger arena.

Dynamite Fighting Show (DFS), the largest Eastern European kickboxing organization, has announced a historic partnership with UFA, which includes NBC Sports, AT&T, Ocean7 TV, Nevada Sports Net and Stadium. The company will watch 120 broadcasts on Alin Huiu, ISKA’s national director. .

Famous kickboxers

It is the second Romanian organization after the Supercombat Fighting Championship (SFC) and its kickboxing has already been seen in the United States. The SFC events were broadcast by the CBS Sports Network. In the DFS, Cătlin Morořanu, Benjamin Adegbuyi (Glory), Andrei Stoica, Bogdan Stoica, Amansio Paraschiv and other famous names fought.

So far, Dutch kickboxing organizations have not been able to win such a big deal in the United States, but the way seems to be open.

Badr Ferdaous (Peter Aerts Fight Institute) confronts Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer Bogdan Stoica on Friday in the title of Dynamite Fighting Show 14: Capital Fight in Culesti. For more information about the broadcast of the event, visit Facebook And YouTube.

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