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Now I’m watching the “shock wave” of the news, I’ve come across very strange things.

Looks like someone was doing another charity event:
The Super Stadia Extravaganza 2022 charity event takes place on Friday. From 30 to Sunday 2 October. Stadion will pour in from all over the world and raise money for charity.
I was pleased to announce that this match will take place at Stadia “tomorrow” just 10 hours ago.

Someone even got a tattoo last year…tatus/1575686201528397826
Thanks bros! I will never get rid of the tattoo and I will never forget the memories. I am very happy to have made long lasting friendships like you because of Stadia.

Of course, they’ll keep working for a while, but from a business point of view this is a totally ‘weird’ decision, and returning all your earnings in full seems cheaper than just going through another round and maybe giving a small rework?

But from this point of view, whether it stops or not, it has gained momentum, and it was the start needed to get the cloud gaming ball going. Yes, it was there already, but it was sped up by Stadia.

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