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I think MS has already given money to develop applications for their platform. How do you see that as a contradiction?

The animation definitely didn’t make it run “smoothly” in my opinion. Every little click was another animation waiting. While it may not be particularly slow, it still makes the impression.
furniture? Can’t change the style of GIANT WORDS as a menu? The muzzle of the empty space in the entire UI is not customizable? No, you cannot change the design. This is the design choice.
As you can see, WP generates very strong opinions. Love it or hate it. Apparently the audiences who did not fall in love with her in any way were much larger. You still see it with MS trying to push the same design language in Windows 8/8.1/10/11. It is not designed for office use and is made half-baked.

Which article to read? which you linked? In 2009 it was about an hour, then it was expanded with a beautiful design that also included notifications. I know because I owned it. And even that was before WP.
Or do you mean the part that was a feature update from Nokia? How does that change the fact that what you call a WP innovation was simply neither new nor unique?

This statement about Symbian always seems strange to me. What defines this separation?
Including Windows Phone 8-8.1, they were lagging behind Symbian in terms of features. Real multitasking? In 2005, you could already run an SSH client, switch to your email client, and search for something on the Internet. without having to re-download anything. After a few years, with more resources, you can also run the navigation software. There is also an app store, as well as the ability to sideload. Only multimedia is supported.
What makes one a feature phone and the other a smartphone?

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I know the iPhone was laughed at at first, because important features like copy and paste weren’t included. MS seems to like to imitate it so well that it left the feature behind too, at the end of 2011 I got this update with copy paste…

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