Developer 343 Industries presents new images, Halo Infinite – Gaming – News

Is it the style of the game or just a lack of vision? There is still enough things to come up with that make everything look better and the next generation. On the other hand, I prefer to see realistic pictures rather than unreal beautiful ones and when the game comes out it is a big disappointment.

The problem with screenshots is that they are an unmoving image, which makes everything appear flat and uninteresting very quickly. For the rest, I have to agree that the screenshots aren’t exactly great. But it’s not final yet, so there’s still a lot of change.
Detail of rock and weapon at least shows it wasn’t inert, but I’m curious about the motion pictures.

They have indicated that they will go for a simple atmosphere like the previous games, because real fans are asking for it. I’d rather see them drop out of all stops and let them find new fans too. Fans will never relive the feeling of nostalgia, because they are also at a completely different time in their lives. I have a feeling that a large group of fans will never understand this.

You can compare it precisely by showing the same site. Seeing other sites might be more interesting, but that also makes the comparison even more difficult.

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