Detecting providers of illegal audiovisual content in Malaga

Detecting providers of illegal audiovisual content in Malaga

Malaga – The Spanish National Police, together with Europol, dismantled a criminal network in Malaga that distributed illegal audiovisual content through subscription packages to more than half a million users. This concerned 2,600 TV channels and more than 23,000 illegal films and series distributed throughout Europe from Málaga via international transfers.

The Four arrested (Unknown Nationalities) operates from Málaga and advertises subscription packages with more than 2,600 TV channels and 23,000 movies and series through various web pages; In addition, they had over 95 vendors in Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece.

The profit obtained, amounting to about three million euros a year, was laundered by the organization by buying movables and real estate in the province of Málaga and transferring money through Spanish companies to bank accounts in tax havens.

During the searches, customers disconnected ten administrative boards, connected to 32 servers in France, the Netherlands and Spain, where the illegal TV content was hosted. Computers, 2,800 euros in cash and two luxury cars worth 180,000 euros were confiscated.

The investigation began in 2020 thanks to a complaint filed by those in charge of the ‘Coalition for Creativity and Entertainment’, a coalition of companies aimed at combating online piracy. the first police efforts It made it possible to verify the existence of an organization that, since 2012, has been marketing and fraudulently marketing and distributing audiovisual content from various television platforms on a large scale and – through several companies – for payment.

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