Despite RIVM advice, the D66 wants an immediate ban on flights from India to Shipol

Despite RIVM advice, the D66 wants an immediate ban on flights from India to Shipol

The D66 parliamentary party wants the cabinet to immediately ban flights from India to Shipol. MPs John Patternot and Kiki Hagen are concerned about the variant of the corona virus, which can be very dangerous and contagious. Public Health Minister De Jong says the cause of the RIVM flight ban has not yet been determined and that advice has not yet been followed.

By the flight reporter Doran Saget

Meanwhile, other European countries have already banned flights from India. Patternote fears that more and more travelers will now choose KLM as the most accessible route from India to Western Europe. As of Monday, German nationals are only allowed to enter Germany if they are on a flight from India. The Netherlands now has a similar embargo on South America and South Africa.

He called on the minister to follow Germany’s example and called for a moratorium on flights to India on Monday. The ban is already in place in the United Kingdom and police in France have been suspended to check compliance with passenger isolation. Flights from India outside Europe are also banned. “We can’t jump after that,” Patternot said. In India, the infection and mortality rate is increasing rapidly.

Two cases in the Netherlands

Earlier this week, MPs for the D66, Patternot and Kiki Hagen, asked Minister de Jong about the ban on flights to India. The answers showed that two infections with the Indian variant had already been diagnosed in the Netherlands. According to De Jong’s adviser, RIVM, the ban was even more prevalent because it did not pose the same level of risk as the World Health Organization (WHO) data, for example, the Brazilian mutant virus.

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Currently KLM only flies between the Indian cities of New Delhi and Mumbai and Shipol. KLM usually operates a timetable between Bangalore and Amsterdam.

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