Despite criticism from fellow media, Johnny de Mol still presents HLF8

Despite criticism from fellow media, Johnny de Mol still presents HLF8

Johnny De Mol started a week of new talk show with him HLF8† It surprises quite a few viewers and fellow media like Johan Dirksen, given the issue hanging above his head. It is also remarkable that on Friday it was announced that Fidan Equis was not on the table.

Johnny de Mol has been facing severe accusations for two years, which he himself denies. Ex-girlfriend Shima Qais He accuses him of assault during their relationship. last Wednesday De Mol swears on his talk show With two fingers in the air, the allegations are false.

Where is Fidan Ekiz in HLF8?

Gentlemen Today inside They spoke so loud last week that they don’t believe De Mol Jr. Male Johann Dirksen in Today inside For De Mol to stay out of the picture for a while. But this does HLF8Not submitted. He was sitting at the table again last night. And it was announced last Friday that Fidan Ekes will be sitting at the table on Monday (yesterday), but he was absent for unknown reasons. She was replaced by comedian Martin Koning. Tonight Helen Hendricks is his mate.

Johnny de Moll attacks Johann Dirksen

HLF8Viewers were amazed that De Mol was still in the show chair. Last night’s broadcast attracted 346,000 viewers. Chateau help that na HLF8 Its debuts, had a million viewers.

It also appears that de Mol attacked Dirksen as well. Also includes an item about the wolf returning to Holland, an excerpt from Today inside† After the piece, de Mol said, “Dirksen is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but we won’t talk about that,” and then begins with his dinner guest introduction. Will Dirksen get this back tonight?

Media Inside also responds to the vagaries of Johnny De Moll

Inside the media The media week closed last Sunday and received a lot of praise from viewers. They had a good laugh on the analysis HLF8 by Marcel van Rosmalen. Ironically, he mocked Johnny De Mol’s statement.

Want to watch the HLF8 broadcast? You will find the episode From last night here† Sunday Media Inside Broadcast find you here

Johan Dirksen inadvertently hilarious in Today Inside… and it didn’t work

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Despite criticism from fellow media outlets, Johnny de Mol continues to present HLF8, but where’s Fidan Ekees?

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