Deposed Yarmila Kratochvilova gives Fimik Pol her world record: ‘The time was right’ |  other sports

Deposed Yarmila Kratochvilova gives Fimik Pol her world record: ‘The time was right’ | other sports

Jarmila Kratochvilova is pleased that Femke Bol has set her own world record in the indoor 400m after 41 years. “It was the right time,” the 72-year-old ex-athlete said on the Czech sports website. iSport. “From time to time, an exceptional person is born who can achieve exceptional achievements.”

Kratochvilova set the indoor world record in 1982 at 49.59 seconds. Paul hid for 0.33 seconds in the NK Indoor last Sunday at Omnisport in Apeldoorn and clocked an incredibly fast 49.26. I missed it, I was watching biathlon. You may have had a moment when you regretted it, because having a record of more than forty years meant something. But I really don’t have a problem with that. I wish Paul all the best. It is a fact that the time has come to beat those records. “There are more matches and the financial conditions are better too,” said the woman who played for the Czechoslovak national team at the time.

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Kratochvilova still holds the world record in the 800m outdoors with a 1.53.28, run in 1983. I don’t think Vimke will attack that record. said the Czech, who said the indoor record in the 400m was less valuable to her than the outdoor record in the 800m. “I don’t remember it so much in my life. I never trained indoors either. My coach once said I should start playing indoor games.”

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The Czech set her own world records at a time when athletes from the countries of the Eastern Bloc easily used doping. Kratochvilova was also suspected, but was never caught during doping control. Paul said of her that she had never seen or embodied this ancient standard race. “I don’t think it was fair. I’m glad I have a ‘clean’ record now.”

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