Denmark wants to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda

Denmark wants to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda

Denmark wants to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda in the future. This came in an agreement signed by the European country on Friday with Rwanda, Reports of the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration. Countries will investigate whether the plan is feasible. UK closed earlier Similar deal With Rwanda, which has been widely criticized.

The statement said Denmark and Rwanda agreed that the asylum system was “not working properly” and that new solutions were needed. The idea is that a “mechanism” will be created to transfer asylum seekers from Denmark to Rwanda. It appears that it is then also possible that migrants in Rwanda will be able to apply for asylum to remain there. The exact details have not yet been worked out.

Denmark’s immigration minister, Kar Dipvad, said the country wants a “fairer” asylum system and wants to ban migrants who have enough resources to use smugglers to travel. According to him, “vulnerable” refugees cannot travel to Denmark. “We need to make sure that refugees come to Europe on humanitarian grounds.” The Danish government already Longest looking for a third country to send migrants there to await their asylum procedure.

strict policy

Denmark is famous for this strict immigration policy. And last year it signed an agreement to transfer detainees who were deported after being sentenced to prison terms to a prison in Kosovo. Danish Justice Minister Nick Hykrupp said he wanted to send a signal to people outside the European Union that “your future does not lie in Denmark”. Kosovo will receive 210 million euros for this deal. It is not known how much Rwanda can expect from Denmark.

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European Court Banned earlier this year The first flight of refugees from the UK to Rwanda. It is said that there is a “real risk of irreversible suffering” for asylum seekers. However, the UK perseveres: New Prime Minister Liz Truss is also a Supporter of the Rwanda Agreement.

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