Democrats agree broad investment plan for Biden

Democrats agree broad investment plan for Biden


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US Senate Democrats have approved a multibillion-dollar investment package. The package includes large-scale investments in areas such as green energy, childcare, housing and jobs.

It’s not clear exactly how many billions are involved in the package. It is a watered down version of President Joe Biden’s ambitious plan to build back better, which has long been without a majority within the party. Now that the Democrats have reached an agreement, that removes an important barrier to approval in the Senate.

Since the party controls only half of the Senate, Democrats must vote unanimously on plans that Republicans will not support. CNN reported that all Republicans plan to vote against. Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote is crucial.

The investment package was one of Biden’s election promises, which linked the success of his presidency. But the original—worth $3,500 billion—didn’t make it to Congress. Some members of Congress believed the plans went too far, others weren’t far enough. Biden says it is the largest investment in clean energy in his country ever.

In the end, Senator Kirsten Senema of Arizona – a decisive vote – has now approved an amended version. I initially opposed because the package is funded by a 15 percent tax increase for businesses and the wealthy.

Senator Joe Manchin, who previously blocked the plan, actually agreed last week. Senate Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate may begin voting on the investment package on Saturday. Could follow home then next week.

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