DeLaMar brings iconic British theater Wuthering Heights to the Netherlands | Displays

DeLaMar will be shown in Amsterdam on the British stage this summer Wuthering Heights, based on Emily Bronte’s book To Holland. The Dutch premiere by Emma Rice will take place on June 11, during the Holland Festival.

Wuthering Heights The film is about a young man, Heathcliff, who is rescued from the docks in Liverpool. Mr. Earnshaw decides to adopt him and put him in his mansion, Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff finds a kindred spirit in Earnshaw’s daughter Katherine and love flares up between the two.

Rice has transformed Bronte’s literary masterpiece into a fiery theatrical experience, complete with live music, humor, puppet shows, and dancing. Wuthering Heights was critically acclaimed in London and is currently touring the US.

The show can be seen at DeLaMar from Friday, June 9th through Sunday, June 18th. Ticket sales begin Thursday morning at the DeLaMar.

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