Defensie start met operatie

Defense begins with Operation Gran Mate in Suriname

The Surinamese Ministry of Defense will carry out a civilian military operation, called Gran Mate, jointly with the unit office. The project will have a recurring character. It is planned to conduct it once or twice a year. Albina will be starting at VOJ School.

The ministry will also provide the local community with medical education. After the border town, you are scheduled to visit Prokopondo, Koroni and Sibaluyni. This was provided by Lieutenant Colonel Werner Q. A. Sen, Deputy Commander of the National Army, during the Ministry of Defense press conference. The press moment was held on September 30, 2021 at the Ministry.

It will also support the army in the field of vaccinations against Covid-19. The Minister of Defense stressed that the security services play an important role in ensuring security. He went on to say that security is a shared responsibility, as well as for the citizen. In this context, safety training will be provided in the regions as well. “We have to make sure that this cooperation is solid and continuous. We shouldn’t just look at how we handle things when disasters happen.”

The security seal indicates that the project should be viewed in line with the army’s contribution to the development of society. He says that the contract to implement this project has already been awarded, but due to Covid-19, the presence of the army cannot be increased across the country. This will happen soon. For this project, men will also be provided with the necessary training.

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