Defendant Bill Murray replies: 'I thought I was funny'

Defendant Bill Murray replies: ‘I thought I was funny’

It only takes so little today or you are no longer welcome in Hollywood. Since #MeToo, many celebrities have fallen off their pedestal, but there are also no longer accused actors like Johnny Depp, James Franco and Armie Hammer. Bill Murray He must also fear for his career.Known actor of necessity Wes AndersonMovies, Recently† He wouldn’t have acted so sweetly on the set of his last movie being deadlyAs a result, production was halted. The question is whether recordings will ever resume and whether Murray will still be around.

In a recent interview, Murray spoke for the first time about a feud between himself and a woman: “I did something that I thought was funny, but was not perceived that way. We are currently in talks to resolve it. We are both professionals, we love each other’s work, and I think we love each other too. However, if we don’t agree and trust each other, there’s no point in continuing to work on the movie together

I learned a lot. I would be very happy if we could work together again and continue the movie. I may be old, but I’m still learning. This is a process that takes your whole life. I don’t want to be sad and whining and I won’t, but I really hope this will be rectified

What exactly happened is still not clear. So Murray doesn’t go into detail about it either, but he does let you know that if they don’t get together anymore, there’s no point in continuing with the movie.

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However, this isn’t the first time an actor or actress has complained about Murray. In the past, fame has already battled other necessary film talents, but at the moment it is difficult to judge without knowing the whole story. No doubt more will follow soon.

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