Deathloop Preview - Rogolike or not?

Deathloop Preview – Rogolike or not?

nickname Deathloop
a program Windows, PlayStation 5 (Xbox one year later)
Developer Arkan Studios
publisher Bethesda
date of publication September 14, 2021

Now is it a roguelike shooter or not? This is the big question in Deathloop. It seems so, but its makers vehemently claim no. What is Deathloop for the game, Arkane, its French developer, wisely leaves in the middle. You can decide it yourself. Let’s put it this way: Deathloop is clearly capitalizing on the recent popularity of roguelike games. Arkane uses the most important elements of the genre, but makes it its own blend.

This is Arkan Model. Best known for original games like Dishonored and Prey, the studio also had a fresh take on existing principles. Arkane also consists of two parts; She has a studio in Austin (Texas) and a studio in Lyon. Deathloop was made in Lyon by the studio behind Dishonored Games. The latter is noticeable. You can describe Deathloop as a roguelike shooter with a deceptive look. There is no direct relationship between any of the Arkane games. Deathloop does not happen in the infamous universe. However, it is clear that the game world and game mechanics are from the same creators.

Blackrift Island

With Deathloop, Arkane creates a whole new world. The game takes place on Blackriff Island, an island located in an unknown corner of the land. It is an exotic island, because, although it is not really large, the climatic conditions are very different: from sunny Mediterranean to snowy and cold Scandinavian. The main language is English and most residents seem to have a Western background, but this is not the case for everyone. You’ll find Arkane’s usual mix of eccentric scientists who also come from other parts of the world. The latter applies at least to people who have a name. Most of the people you meet are anonymous. In fact, they are unrecognizable because they wear a mask.

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Like Dishonored and Prey, Deathloop is set in an alternate reality. The game will take place in the late sixties of the last century. This is reflected in the style of the buildings, interiors, and many things that you come across. It’s an alternate reality with a strange touch. Science has discovered different things than in real life and their effects are visible. The Deathloop universe includes the same mix you know from Dishonored. You see classic urban and industrial buildings with modern parts attached to them. Leon meets Thunderbirds, that’s how you can sum it up. The graphic style of the game can also be recognized. It’s an inappropriate style, but it’s more realistic; In fact, there is little prey in the Deathloop’s appearance.

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