Dead and wounded in an attack during a graduation ceremony in Manila

Dead and wounded in an attack during a graduation ceremony in Manila


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Three people were killed and another wounded in a shooting at a university in the Philippine capital, Manila. The gunman shot at a graduation party.

Among the dead was Rose Foregay, the former mayor of Lamitan and her assistant. Lamitan is located on the southern island of Basilan. Police said the target was believed to be the mayor.

Pictures spread on Twitter showing the mayor’s body. The authorities said the third victim was a security guard from the university.

The daughter of the former mayor was injured, according to police. She is studying at university and was due to receive her diploma today. She is being treated in the hospital.

A local reporter told NOS that the daughter was hit in the head and stomach. Her condition is said to be stable.

Ateneo de Manila University

According to local media, the attack took place in this building on the university campus

Local police say the gunman, who was carrying two pistols, was arrested after a chase. Furigay may have been specifically targeted. Police say the man was injured after campus security officers shot him.

Police are questioning the gunman, who is believed to be a resident of Lamitan. The motive for the attack, according to a local reporter, was probably the large number of defamation cases that the Foregay family had brought against the suspect.

This video will show his arrest:

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