De Vries was inspired in the United States during the IndyCar trial

De Vries was inspired in the United States during the IndyCar trial

Nyck de Vries will not have a Formula 1 seat in 2022. However, he will be the reigning champion in Formula E next season. With his team dropping the Mercedes E after this season, Frisian is also looking at it with more caution, He told GPblog last week. The IndyCars adventure awaits in 2023.

Successful test

This week, De Vries tested IndyCar for the first time. At the Sepring Circuit, he completed 62 laps on behalf of Mayor Shank Racing-Honda. During a test with four drivers, including Stஃfel Vandurne of Belgium, the Dutchman set a fast time. “He’s very good”, “ Says Michael Shank, the team’s founder and co-owner “It’s hard to figure out where he’s going, because he’s still active in Europe, but we wanted to see him and measure the future.

Participating teams received only four sets of tires. MSR chose to use it sparingly. As a result, De Vries drove fewer laps than other drivers. “We split the sets evenly and did not make long runs on the old tires. From 13.00 to 15.30 you really did nothing.


Zhang mentions the cars that De Vries drove ‘Animals’. “I think the one who called them ‘steering monsters’ was (Romain) Grosjean. And after his first run, Nyck said, ‘This is ridiculous steering.’ Are different.

The big question is whether De Vries will eventually switch to IndyCars. Shangal could not anticipate it. However: “He’s very impressive. His comment is very good – you can tell he’s been with really professional companies for the last four or five years. He’s confident about himself, he understands the words we use, and he’s going. So Nyck was 20-30 lags behind the other guys, and in his first five rounds he went straight to P1.

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