De Verwondering Primary School Funding |  Newspaper and online

De Verwondering Primary School Funding | Newspaper and online

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On May 31, 2022, the school initiative De Verwondering received approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) to start a school for special primary education starting in 23/24. This means that if there are sufficient enrollments (above the national abolition standard of 51 pupils), school building must be achieved.

On August 21, 2023, the school year will begin in which De Verwondering will begin offering primary education for groups 1 to 7. This is a temporary facility until De Verwondering fulfills its right to exist. This is for four years. De Verwondering has been promised that the school will be realized within a two-kilometer radius around the area of ​​postcode 3232. The initiators prefer the location in Geuzenpark because most enrollments come from the Nieuwland region. In addition, a possible final site could be located on a plot of land next to Maerlant College, which is intended for primary education. There should also be adequate infrastructure taking care of safe traffic lanes and sufficient parking space around the school. Several questions were asked and answered at the Community Committee on March 7th and during the Board and Committee Members Information Night on March 20th. During the council meeting, the municipal council was asked if they agreed with the decision to approve housing financing for De Verwondering primary school.

There were six speakers for this agenda item: OBS Student Overbos, Principal of CNS de Nieuwe Weg, Principal of OBS het Overbos and OBS de Bosrand, schools from Oostvoorne, Principal of OBS de Wateringe, Hellevoetsluis, Principal of Primary School, Zwartewaal and Speaker on behalf of the Hall section Edumare, STC College, and Bahurim. The point of their participation was that despite the fact that they thought it would be good to have a new school in Brielle, interest would continue and would continue to pay for existing schools and gymnasiums, because money is also needed there, for example, to expand schools in connection with high student numbers , road safety and building maintenance. Other schools should not be victims of this decision and the funds for this should remain the same. They want equal opportunities for all children in Voorne aan Zee.

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The municipal council understands that it is a ministerial decision and that the municipality must provide housing. In addition, the City Council considers it important that they know what money is being spent on the basis of an integrated housing plan for the entire city of Voorne aan Zee. The municipal executive promised to present an integrated housing plan for Forn aan Zee (IHP) for the summer of 2023. The alderman also promised that existing budgets (from the former Brill, Helvoetsluis and Westforni) reservations for schools would be maintained. The municipal council called on the municipal executive to involve school boards in the preparations for the IHP project.

A ‘right track’ proposal has been received from coalition parties IBV, VVD, PVaZ, BVNL and GL-PvdA in which the municipal executive is asked to do a cursory survey with all the pros and cons of the two sites, Geuzenpark and at Maerlant College, respectively. The goal is to be able to make an informed decision on the site during the council meeting on April 20th. The Council approved the proposal by 29 votes in favor, 4 votes against. During a council meeting on March 23, it was agreed to fund elementary school housing.

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