De Dijk stop, lots of love on social media

De Dijk stop, lots of love on social media

It’s the end of an era: De Dijk discontinued it after 41 years. in de Volkskrant Singer Huub van der Lubbe has announced that he will be taking a hiatus after the latest tour, which runs until the end of December. And when Van der Loeb stops, so do the rest. However, the singer says the “boys” would have liked to have lasted longer. Twitter is bursting with all kinds of love for the singer and of course for the band, many of whom don’t even remember a time when he wasn’t around.

The decision was made to leave the band internally for a while. “The fact that he’s in the paper is the last push,” van der Loeb says in an interview. “So it really is. We could have left quietly at the end of the year, but we chose this: to be transparent. I also say clearly that this is my purely my decision. Because the boys don’t like it at all, they’d rather go on for years.”

Hearing problems are a partial reason for the singer’s hiatus. Van der Loeb has been suffering from tinnitus for years, where someone constantly hears a sound, for example. To counter this, he puts some kind of wax ball in his ears before each performance. “I just hear the pitch and the rhythm. That works really well,” he says. “However, I often lie in bed at night thinking: Oh, I think it got worse again. This is torment I don’t want anymore.”

Huub van der Lubbe stops as well as De Dijk

In 1981 we first heard about De Dijk, a band that has grown into one of the most popular bands in the Netherlands. The group also recorded several hit songs such as A bleeding heart, the light may go out And the If you are not there. The band members also won various awards, such as Zilveren Harp in 1987, Golden Harp in 1993, Edison Oeuvreprijs in 2005, and Popprijs in 2008.

“Life with De Dijk, however wonderful it is: I know it,” says van der Loeb, 69. “It no longer offers the surprise for which I once got into music. I don’t feel like bringing myself back.” He says De Dijk’s success is ‘candid’ ladder to heaven“It used to be.” But I can’t go that way. I should go back to the mud, hoping to find some pearls in the mud.”

Although the logic is good, fans think it’s a shame that De Dijk is ending. For example, some would listen to music on repeat all morning to imagine themselves in an era coming to an end. Others managed to score a ticket for the tour in time. A selection of responses:

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De Dijk pauses, much love on social media: ‘I don’t remember De Dijk never being there’

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