De Dijk rarely hits the charts, yet entire generations sing music

De Dijk rarely hits the charts, yet entire generations sing music

أغنية العنوان لا أحد في المدينة، الذي يغني فيه فان دير لوب ، من بين أشياء أخرى ، عن صديق طفولته قفز حتى وفاته تحت تأثير المخدرات ، لم يُطلق سراحه مطلقًا ، لكنه ترك بصماته. مع المركز 291 في أفضل 2000 لعام 2021 ، أصبحت الأغنية ثاني أكثر أغنية محبوبة للفرقة في تلك القائمة وأصبحت عنصرًا أساسيًا خلال حفلاتهم الموسيقية.

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للأسف لا يمكن عرض هذا المحتوىليس لدينا إذن لملفات تعريف الارتباط الضرورية. يرجى قبول ملفات تعريف الارتباط لعرض هذا المحتوى.

The biggest hit albums and number one

In 1994, De Dijk experienced its commercial peak with the release of the single If you are not there. Van der Lubbe’s wife Teuntje’s poem took fifth place on the Top 40 and is still in the top areas of the top 2000. On Spotify, the song is the most listened-to song from the band, with sixteen million plays.

After that, the band still managed to hit the top 40 here and there, but it’s mainly albums that do well. In 2002 they investigated with Musicians don’t dance For the first time the highest position with a studio album. also sickle sharp (2011) and everyone’s yard (2014) topped the albums chart for a week.

There is no doubt that the classics of the pop group will pass during the farewell parties. De Deck announced earlier this year to stop; The surprise ended for the singer van der Loeb. The band kicks off their concert series on Friday evening at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome, where they perform five shows. They then toured the Dutch pop stages to say their last goodbye on December 17 in Paradiso, where they also gave their first show in 1981.

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