David thought he was going to be president of the United States

David thought he was going to be president of the United States

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David thought he would become the President of the United States and thus save the world. Thus he became utterly delusional and paranoid and fell into a state of severe hysteria. This led to forced admission to a psychiatric institution and sometimes staying in an isolated room “then I wouldn’t like it anyone,” he says.

‘It turned out differently’

David can now talk well about his illness, and that applies to Helen as well. She says everything casually, but there is a world behind it. “It turned out differently. It’s different from what I imagined.” Helene was unable to complete her studies due to illness. Schizophrenia drew a line in his view of the future.


Schizophrenia, sometimes referred to as ‘psychiatric sensory disorder’, is a mental disorder. Psychiatry is a condition in which a person loses grip on reality. He sometimes sees or hears things that do not exist (hallucinations), believes in false (illusory) and / or some distorted ideas, and therefore is unable to regulate thoughts, actions, or emotions.

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Years later, Helen knew how to cope with her illness. “You get to know yourself, you know what you can and can’t do. It’s a little struggle every day.”

Support in the peer group

Helene is a member of Anoxy, an association for people with mental illness. There she finds support and confidence. She also knows David Nordam. Fellow victims are constantly coming at each other. David and Helen do the same.

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Prescribed medications take David’s help, but make him faster, but are very tired and difficult or impossible to focus on. As a result, he is unable to work and has been disabled for many years. He has now led a stable life for almost twenty years, accepting that in his day he could not do without structure and medication.

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To learn from each other

He has a lot of support from a fellow group called Anoixis. David: “It’s fun, but it’s mainly about learning from each other ‘s experiences. There are theme meetings on how to get back to work and take medication and fill your spare time.”

Sunday, October 10 is Mental Health Day. Theme #with open, attitude: Talk about it, show others that you are open to others’ story.

There is nothing to be ashamed of ‘

David totally agrees: “You ‘re not alone. And there are more people who look normal. Despite this disease, everything is still possible in your life. Many more will go to meetings of anesthesiologists and tell them honestly. They have nothing to be ashamed of.”

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