David Beckham reveals his obsessive-compulsive disorder in new Netflix series: ‘Clean the Candles at Night’ | Displays

Former soccer player Beckham has been suffering from compulsive disorder all his life. He said earlier that he arranges everything in straight lines or in pairs. In the upcoming Netflix series, he admits to cleaning the house while his family sleeps. For example, he cleans the candles used every day. , when everyone is in bed, I clean the candles, put the lights in the right position… very tired, but that’s what’s neat all around. I’m not sure my wife appreciates that much, honestly. But I hate it when there are dirty cups and plates in the kitchen when I go down in the morning. I know, that’s weird.”

Victoria jokes that David is absolutely perfect. “Don’t believe it for a second. She sounds sarcastic when she says that,” David replies. Earlier this month, Victoria made a post from a beach outing in Miami with the message, “I guess I’ll keep it.”

David Beckham – former captain of the England national football team – has earned close to 15 million for docusoap on Netflix. The viewer catches a glimpse of his London mansion, which has eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and a gym with spa. His wife, Victoria, 49, and their children Brooklyn (23), Romeo (19), Cruz (17), and Harper (11) participate in the series. In addition to the family, the producers have also spoken to friends and acquaintances of Beckham and previously unseen archive footage can be seen.

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