Darwin's notebooks appear in a pink bag after 22 years

Darwin’s notebooks appear in a pink bag after 22 years

Two distinct notebooks were found by scientist Charles Darwin, who mysteriously disappeared from Cambridge University in 2000. The notebooks were left in a pink bag by an unknown person in Library from the same university.

The unique brochures are worth millions and include an “evolution tree,” a drawn family tree that shows the structure of the animal kingdom and the lineage of organisms.

Darwin had just returned from the Galapagos aboard the Beagle when he painted it. “It is one of the most fascinating documents in the entire history of science,” university history professor Jim Secord told the newspaper. BBC

A year and a half ago, the university did a job communicate Hoping to find books again. Librarian Jessica Gardner described the disappearance as “heartbreaking”. She told the British broadcaster that she was afraid she would never see the books again. The discovery was a huge relief. “I cried,” she says. “And I’m going to cry even more because we haven’t been on this emotional rollercoaster yet.”

The message on the envelope

The two brochures were in the original blue box, which again came in a pink bag. There was also a brown envelope in the bag. On it was written a short message: “Librarian, Happy Easter X.” The bag was found in a public part of the library.

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