Darts broadcasts in the Netherlands go exclusively to Viaplay – Image & Audio – News streaming service

If our “our” local broadcaster can produce a local sporting event with a budget of 35,000 for an entire year for everything he does, and you consider that the 30-second commercial break on a popular channel is already over 10,000..then where is all that other money making Who are all of these subscribers?

Yes, locally they work with volunteers in exchange for salaried employees
Yes domestically, the quality is much lower than all the camera shots in the race
And so I can still make some comparisons that justify a greater amount of income. But where is the limit?

As Hamilton, he earned 45 million, and the Max 30 and Top 10 earned 148 million annually. Sorry, but what do they need at an average of 14.8 million gross per year? And who is going to get all that money again?

Sports are supported by the people. Put a wall too high for that and it will automatically become an elite sport. Commoners sometimes try to stand on a box and enjoy it on the wall. At present using illegal streaming or downloading or “abbo share”. You will always keep that.

The Anglo-Saxon capitalist system is doing its job. There are more and more food eaters who also want to gain a piece of popularity. Until the fans are done with it, let things go and the sport crumble. I haven’t watched a match since football was behind a wall at Fox. Every now and then abstracts via NOS. But if that ends too, then I am no longer in favor.
I’ve always loved watching the F1 on the RTL7, which contributed to the advertising income. Since it’s in Ziggo, even though it’s “free”, I’ve never seen a match again. They just sink well.
The fact that the cap has now been reached left and right, you can see from the new football league that a number of clubs wanted to create them. Make more money under the guise of “professionalism”. Soon they are back from it now.

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Why can the Tour de France be streamed continuously all afternoon for 3 weeks, with only captions and high-quality images? Surely you don’t need an extra firewall for that? This costs a lot and produces a lot less. What extras are we missing now in cycling against football and F1? Owjah, two cute, high-paying analysts, a lot of brokerage that’s supposed to add something (like ESPN, Viap (l) ay), lots of overpaid athletes and a mountain of unnamed leeches who also do useful work Very “in the background.
Wait, no, I’m not going to miss that anyway.

I’m not an unwanted cash cow, am I?

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