Daniel Craig: Every Bond movie adapts to the zeitgeist

Daniel Craig: Every Bond movie adapts to the zeitgeist

Bond blonde. This led to media outcry and backlash online when Daniel Craig was introduced as the new 007. Upon his departure, other changes stand out even more: In 15 Years of Craig, Bond was ready for a new era: more variety, less cocky demeanor and more in-depth personalities.

the new No time to die Take the biggest steps in this direction. Screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge became the second woman to collaborate on a Bond script, and the love story is more complex than ever, and a black woman was named 007 in the film.

“Every Bond movie has always adapted to the zeitgeist, and we are no exception,” Daniel Craig said in an interview with NOS. “It’s something we do consciously, but you can’t escape from it either.”

“First, you want to have the best people,” Craig continues. “But I’ve also always recognized the need for more variety. The need for stronger female roles, because that’s what makes movies better. So it’s partly what I believe in, but it’s also self-interest, because the movie gets as good as it can be.”

NOS asked actor Daniel Craig and director Carrie Fukunaga how James Bond has moved with the times:

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