Dancing Drones Replace Fireworks Display – Sign + Magazine

Dancing Drones Replace Fireworks Display – Sign + Magazine

Annual fireworks displays can go in the trash. Sydney proved amazing with drones in the first five days of the new year with the Elevate SkyShow.

About 500 drones ensured that visitors’ imaginations were alive from January 1-5. With the latest technology, art and a First Nations story, a whole new form of nightlife entertainment has been created.

pixel flying

Drones danced in the sky to an original soundtrack by artist Dobby. Powered by powerful orchestral sounds, energetic percussion and native language. The drones were flying pixels that revive the true story of Greater Sydney, a tribute to the ancient wisdom of the Eora people, the beauty of Australia’s wildlife and the Sydney summer experience.

To bring this stunning view over Sydney Harbour, AGB Events has teamed up with Australian drone consultancy Mirragin and drone experts from Intel. “The innovation that the use of drones brings is really exciting,” said AGB Events CEO Anthony Paststick. “Drones are environmentally friendly. You can create a story and tell it. The possibilities are endless. Drones are truly the future of major events.”

light projections

To create the perfect spectacle over beautiful Sydney Cove, Mandylights were brought in to decorate the Sydney night sky with stunning light projections, programming 60 mBeam headlights from multiple locations in the harbor. Intel had professional pilots from Germany, the United States, and Finland come to Australia specifically for programming. “The partnership was the first of its kind in Sydney and it resulted in something special,” Bastik says. “The linkage and application of technologies at outdoor public events will greatly improve the audience’s experience and will certainly set the standard for future Australian events.”

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