DAF evaluates South America's largest order • TTM.nl

DAF evaluates South America’s largest order • TTM.nl

This is the largest order of DAF trucks in South America: 200 trucks ordered by Transporter Group Products from Colombia. It involved 3-axis CF6 × 4 tractors transporting beer, soft drinks and tropical fruit to uninhabited areas.

Grupo Prodes is one of Colombia’s largest transporters and has about 1,500 trucks and 2,000 trailers. The company is headquartered in Medellin, Antigua. In addition, the carrier has depots throughout Colombia, a country comparable in size to France, Germany and Benelux. Grubo Brods carries a large brewery in Colombia and specializes in the conditional transportation of tropical fruits.

The gradual distribution of 200 DAFs follows a comprehensive experiment conducted by Grubo Produs with CF. “Our fleet includes all kinds of different brands and chassis types. As a result, we have a lot of comparable products. In terms of reliability, performance, maneuverability and driving comfort, the CF really seems to be in its own class,” says Federico Madina, Director of Transport at Grobo Produs. We are very confident in the quality of this vehicle and we have increased our initial order from 150 lorries to 200 units. “

Visually, DAF trucks look like ‘normal’ CFs, but under the skin they are ready for a much harder life. “Grubo Produs has ordered the so-called Heavy Duty Chase, an extra strong tandem for maximum traction, to be done day-by-day, day-out in difficult conditions,” explains Johan Donson, Sales Sales Manager.

The trucks are supplied and maintained by DAF dealer Kenworth de la Montana, which has 14 specialized workshops in DAF and Kenworth, Colombia.

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Transporter Group Products has ordered 200 DAF CF480 trucks from Colombia; 6 × 4 trucks carry beer, soft drinks and tropical fruits, among other things, in inconvenient areas.

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