Cyber ​​attack closes world's largest butchery

Cyber ​​attack closes world’s largest butchery

The world’s largest meat processor, the Brazilian company JPS, has been attacked by hackers. As a result, work on facilities in many countries has been halted and tens of thousands of employees have been sent home.

Factories in North America, Australia and Canada were particularly affected.

JBS also has offices in Europe, but it is unclear whether these were closed by hackers. However, a spokesman said Moi Park, a subsidiary of JBS in the Netherlands, was not affected.

Thousands of massacres every day

The cyber attack took place last Sunday, targeting US computer servers, according to JBS. The company says no important information has been stolen so far and that they are now working hard to reactivate all systems. It is not clear how large the damage was, but the attack caused distribution problems anyway.

JBS Slaughterhouse in Australia is one of the largest companies in Brazil. From there, beef, lamb and pork are exported to more than fifty countries. The factory in Canada is also huge: about 4,200 cattle are slaughtered there every day.

The hacking attack on JBS comes after a major cyber attack on the American oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline. The hack comes three weeks ago, when a major oil pipeline in the United States was temporarily shut down, causing gasoline shortages at gas stations and rising fuel prices.

According to the Bloomberg News Agency, it paid hackers about four million euros to return to colonial pipeline systems. It is unclear whether the hackers also demanded money from JBS.

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