Cupid does his job in the movie First Dates Valentine's Special with celebrities: "I think you are really handsome!"  |  Turns out

Cupid does his job in the movie First Dates Valentine’s Special with celebrities: “I think you are really handsome!” | Turns out

On Valentine’s Day, host Sergio and bartender Victor opened First dates– Restaurant tonight for celebrity singles who went looking for the perfect date with Cupid. This resulted in unforgettable conversations, eerie flushes, a few quills, but also budding romance.

former BunidJournalist Denise Scott, 25, was nervous. His ideal woman? Well, blonde and skinny. But above all, you must challenge him. “I am chasing her, not the other way around. Then things will soon go wrong,” Dennis said in a famous Twente dialect, before Rumi’s entry date. The 22-year-old restaurant manager appears to have cheated on Denise’s wish list. On the contrary, Rumi also seemed to be pleased with the coarse shell. “I love a strong man who is not afraid and just dares to do things.” The blonde said ahead of her time, and sexuality is very important to me.

After sharing some experiences, in which Dennis spoke candidly about the difficult relationship with his mother and his fear of commitment, she quickly switched to sex. Romy admits she doesn’t have much experience yet when it comes to relationships, but she has been struggling and has had “a lot of sex.” If Denise was intimidated by her frankness, he would not show it. Instead, take a step forward. “Even though the hair growth medication for baldness has turned out to be a libido killer, the sex hasn’t got much of it. I no longer use these tablets.” Romy wanted to know if Dennis was practicing safe sex anyway. not always. Whether she has a sexually transmitted disease? “I’m not going to talk about STDs here,” Romy said firmly. Whether you did other fun things. “I ride a horse.” “Uh, how beautiful.”

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Thus the fire was extinguished before becoming a flame. When asked after dinner if the two would like to see each other again, they both agreed that everything on the table had been largely discussed.

Dennis Schouten en Romee on the first dates of Valentine’s Day. © BNNVARA

“I think you are really beautiful!”

On the one hand, those who seemed to be running out of time, were a former BNN anchor and now freelance entrepreneur Zaraida Gruenhart (38) and her date Patrick (29). Already at the first meeting in the bar it was clear that the two were happy to have dinner. Ziraida clearly had an effect on Patrick, who previously described it as the moment when a beautiful woman finds out and thinks: Wow! She was no stranger to him for her TV work, but was beautiful up close …

“I think you are really handsome!” She is his enthusiastic answer to her direct question to him if he loves her. Then the fainting officially began. Patrick’s openness and social engagement through the theater industry proved to be an icebreaker. Exactly what Zarida is looking for in a man, as I explained before. Otherwise, his golden year. “When I grew up in Horn, everyone was running around with golden teeth. Dreadlocks and golden teeth, these are elements of Caribbean cultures, but there is a bias about them,” Zaraida says. I think such a golden ‘freedom posture’ is really cool. ‘

And suddenly the famous box appeared with the bill; time is over. What if the two want to see each other again? Both answered a resounding “yes”. Zaraida said, “I think it might be a good idea to end the conversation again, yes …”. Host Sergio thinks so, too. After the two left the restaurant, he took a thoughtful look at waiter Victor that in regards to him, these two still had a lot to discuss …

Zraida Gronhart and Patrick.

Zraida Gronhart and Patrick. © BNNVARA

Sauerkraut creates a bond

Designer Bastian Van Shayk (51) and date Patrick (51) also like to see each other again. The two men found enough common ground for a follow-up date. It also turns out that bed counselor Patrick has the same aversion to sauerkraut as Bastiaan, which of course instantly created a bond. “Yeah, I think it was the 1970s, sauerkraut. The smell makes me really sick,” Bastian said. In addition to the wit, there was room for serious conversations, in which Patrick talked about his father, who had recently passed away from Corona, and his mentally disabled sister, who was trying to take care of her and his mother was no longer alive. Bastian, looking at someone now not only is “handsome fat”, but above all, “Smart Fat” seems to have found a great challenge in Patrick, so men want to see each other again.

Bastian Van Shayk and Patrick.

Bastian Van Shayk and Patrick. © BNNVARA

“He has perfect teeth.”

Sophie Hejelkema (28) and 31-year-old ecommerce strategist Sander got off to a nervous start, but something happened right away. “We clicked really well,” Sander said. Sophie fell instantly because of his laughter. “He really has perfect teeth.” Sander had to admit that he had no idea who she was and what Sophie was doing. On the radio? Oh. Sander immediately found her “ extremely interesting ” and then indicated that the next appointment was beneficial for him. Sophie, who has now completed a number of self-help books about love, agreed to dinner. “It’s just not possible at the bar,” said Radio Jock, “so we’ll have to invent something else.”

Sander couldn’t be happier. “It also ended much faster than I thought, which was a good sign.” Sophie was excited, too. “I think we still have enough to discuss.”

3FM DJ Sophie Hijlkema and Its History Sander.

3FM DJ Sophie Hijlkema and Its History Sander. © BNNVARA

“I don’t feel any attraction.”

The other arrow that bounced off tonight is the one that Cupid shot at Mirjana Van Riden and dated Enrico. It seemed for a moment that the 49-year-old economist and the 53-year-old actress had found each other, but no. Mirjana said afterwards, “I didn’t feel any attraction.” “I think this is totally clear to you?” She looked at the side questioning.

He seemed to start very actively, once at the table. The fact that Enrico initially did not know anything at all about her television work, for example, liked the actress. “I’m not Halina Rijn either, you know.” (He knew that again). But in the end Enrico couldn’t convince her of his charm, despite some common interests like cooking. After dinner, Enrico said, “I said yes to continue.” “I wanted to get to know you better.” Unfortunately, there is no match. A kiss from Mirjana, on the glass wall between them.

Mirjana Van Raiden and Chronicle of Enrico in First Dates Valentine's Special.

Mirjana Van Raiden and Chronicle of Enrico in First Dates Valentine’s Special. © BNNVARA

How is it going now with …?

Patrick and Zeraida had a Valentine’s history to remember. A second date has been planned for a long time. Their busy life leaves no room for love at the moment.

Sander left for Portugal after his date with Sophie to surf. The waves did not soften the contact, a second date was planned.

Bastian and Patrick exchange phone numbers immediately after the Valentine’s Day date. The two talk a lot and cannot wait to see each other again after the coronavirus measures are relaxed.

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