Cruz Beckham is happy again with a new love |  gossip

Cruz Beckham is happy again with a new love | gossip

There is no shortage of luxury or love. Cruz Beckham and his new girlfriend Tana Holding are enjoying a good life on a luxury yacht that his parents rent for nearly €2 million a week. The little lovebirds, both of them were seventeen years old, it was Foreign media spotted love kissing.

It is unknown how long the two spent together, but according to a source the sun Cruz is madly in love with Tana. The fact that the girl is already on a family vacation indicates that she has been in his life for a long time. “They met at the beginning of the year and have been quietly dating for a few weeks now. They make a very cute pair. Tana is down to earth and very cute. Cruz’s fame or where he’s coming from hasn’t affected. It’s early days, but Cruz seems to be smitten with it.” Furthermore, to Cruz’s pleasure, Tana herself would not need a “life in the public eye” and wanted to “remain as inconspicuous as possible.”

In March it was announced that after a year and a half together, the relationship between Cruz and Bliss Chapman, daughter of former model Rosemary Ferguson, Victoria’s best friend, had ended. The youngest son of David and Victoria didn’t have time for a relationship anymore because he wanted to focus completely on his music career. A few months into that break, it seems he’s found a way to combine his career with his love.

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