Cropperhaus threatens Huizbrex in Tronton, USA

Cropperhaus threatens Huizbrex in Tronton, USA

Trondheim – Minister Fert Gropperhouse will address his international contacts on the threats against the Hoogebreaks family in Trondheim. The matter has been raised with the US government.

Individuals searching for an anonymous IP address will sometimes be referred to the Netherlands ‘Digital Center’ via the United States: the Hujbrechts Automating Address at Harringweck in Tronton. This occasionally leads to threats. VVD MP Helma Lodgers has asked the Minister about this.

Not a criminal offense

In his response, Groperhaus clarified that the role of the police is limited: “For some strategists, finding an IP address is not a criminal offense; So the police have no job to fix this. Where there is a question of punitive conduct such as threats, I understand that the police are already taking action. ”

Apart from the role of the police in the threats, the minister feels that ‘no further intervention’ is needed from his ministry. However, he agreed to co-operate with the agencies responsible for designating Harringway as the center of the Netherlands: “This will help the victim ‘s family recover the damage caused by civil proceedings in this matter.”

The minister also noted that reports about the Hypertex family show that the government can no longer stand aside in regulating the Internet. He said that various measures are being taken for this.

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