Criticism leveled at Harry and Meghan: “Inappropriate” Oprah Interview As Prince Philip Fights For Life |  Turns out

Criticism leveled at Harry and Meghan: “Inappropriate” Oprah Interview As Prince Philip Fights For Life | Turns out

Independent Television (ITV) has put £ 1 million on the table to obtain the rights to broadcast Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle, but it is uncertain whether the UK commercial channel will benefit. The British are concerned about Prince Philip (99), who has been hospitalized with heart problems.

A few days ago, ITV voices rubbed their hand as they managed to outwit Sky in negotiations for the rights surrounding her high-profile Oprah interview with Harry (36) and Meghan (39). BBC, Amazon Prime and Netflix ditched the bidding race. The BBC public broadcaster is very royal in nature and did not want to kick the Queen by broadcasting the interview. Elizabeth addresses the people in a video message on March 7, which was broadcast on the BBC.


Netflix didn’t let itself be fooled, either. Logically, the streaming service already had a million deals with Harry and Meghan and didn’t feel the need to throw a sum of six zeros.

Because this is the important amount: 1 million pounds (1.16 million euros). An hour and a half chat with Oprah will be broadcast on Monday and will extend to two hours, of course, with the goal of selling as many ads as possible. A 30-second advertisement will cost 140,000 pounds (162,000 euros) in the time slot. A total of 24 minutes of commercial breaks are provided, which in theory could fetch 6.7 million pounds (7.75 million euros). But British popular media doubts whether ITV’s critical record will truly ring. This is Prince Philip’s “mistake”. Queen Elizabeth’s 99-year-old husband (94 years old) is in hospital, and according to popular newspapers, the British are very worried.

Prince Philip’s condition is also serious: this week he was transferred from King Edward VII Hospital in central London to the largest and best-equipped cardiology department in St Bartholomew’s across town. The prince was hospitalized with a serious infection unrelated to the Coronavirus, and his underlying heart pains posed an immediate threat to his life. According to experts, the prince will be hospitalized for a period of four to six weeks. Some Brits find it totally inappropriate for Harry and Meghan to thwart the royal family on March 7 while Grandpa Philip fights for his life. Advertisers may also stumble upon this.

Phil Dampier, Watcher of Kings, author of Royal Suited Harry and Meghan says in their own words that Harry and Meghan can only hope that the Duke of Edinburgh will recover and return home soon. “If something happens to him, it will reflect on them. Moreover, I don’t think they can stop the broadcast in a“ worst-case scenario. ”Tom Power, Prince Charles biographer, is counting on the documentary that will be broadcast. “We all want to see how Harry and Meghan sell their souls and destroy themselves,” it seems ironic.

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In our country, Net5 won the award. The interview will be broadcast on that network on Tuesday at 8:30 pm.

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