COVID-19 Test On Vacation – Science and Technology

COVID-19 Test On Vacation – Science and Technology

Whether you are in Austria, Germany, Italy or even Mallorca: If you want to quickly and easily book a Coronapass test while on vacation, write it down on the page. The Brixen Software Company’s Vertical Life portal is part of the NO-Q program, which was used for mass testing in South Tyrol in November 2020.

The digital map shows more than 1,800 test sites in Europe, including Italy, Germany, Austria, Mallorca, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Users can easily filter by date and time, find the right test option in their area, and book quickly and easily. It currently runs up to 300,000 tests per day via No-Q, and at peak times the system is handling 20,000 requests per second.

Vaccination in Germany

Vertical Life has established other platforms for different areas and test centers. Citizens can use the multilingual portal to take notes for gill testing in South Tyrol. In addition, the No-Q is one of the software systems chosen by the German federal government to forward rapid test results for the German Digital Green Corridor version. Additionally, No-Q is being used to plan the German vaccination trip.

Vertical living

Vertical-Life is one of the premier climbing software developers. Brixen develops software for climbers, competitions and clubs, researches sensor technology, operates the portal and the Vertical-Life app, which is one of the largest platforms for climbers around the world. “We are excited to be able to help the epidemic with a simple and fast tool,” said Matthias Pauleg, CEO of Vertical Life. The company expects sales to grow by 750% compared to the first half of 2020.

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