Covid-19 outbreak in Morabosch, Abuera; State of crisis

In the past three weeks, a large number of Covid-19 cases have been recorded in the town of Morabush in Abuera. The outbreak has been greatly slowed by closing this place completely by means of a complete lockdown.

In total, 27 people were surveyed, 22 of them tested positive and 3 are still waiting for the result. This is up to 80%, which is very concerning. 5 people have been taken to Nickerie MMC Hospital, while 4 are being treated at Apoera Outpatient Clinic.

The course of the disease is now taking much longer than it was in the previous outbreak. Patients have to deal with more serious complaints including a painful cough, sore throat, and mild to severe shortness of breath. It was also found that this time is much smaller and affected by this disease.

The pressure on the clinic in Abuira is very heavy. This clinic is used daily to conduct tests and supply oxygen cylinders to and from Neckere.
Patient care is also time consuming. At present, only two respirators are available, while 4 hypoxic patients are treated in the clinic.

Dr Arens of MMC at Apoera stated that the extent of the prevalence is not yet clear. This week, cases were also found elsewhere in the village. He hopes that it will soon be possible to get to know the size. The local doctor also alerted the district commissioner of a local crisis.

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