Couple caught making love in car on way to school: ‘very shocked’ | outside

Some students of VTI Spijker secondary school in Hoogstraten, Belgium, witnessed a possible case of public indecency in the school environment around 8.15am on Monday morning. A man and a woman engaged in sexual acts in their car. The police identified the two.

A group of girls about 15 years old were on their way to school on Monday morning. They passed a car in which a woman was clearly performing sexual acts on a man. When they were caught, they were going to drive around the area for a while.

“My daughter was so shocked by this,” says one parent. “I don’t really understand why you two would do this as a couple near the school. I think it’s publicly inappropriate. It also relates to the 15-year-old girls in this case who witnessed it.”


The students informed the school, which called the police. “We have already received a report of a possible public infraction,” says Els Dellafaille from the Noorderkempen police district. We’ve been able to identify two possible suspects. They are now called for interrogation. Various witnesses will also be heard.

The man and woman are 32 and 19 years old. It is not clear if they deliberately chose the school environment for their adventures.

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