Could a substance from apples be a breakthrough for MS?

Where does this news come from?

Hasselt University and the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in Belt will collaborate more closely in the field of multiple sclerosis (MS), and from now on it will be called University Master’s Center (UMSC)† The MS Clinic in Bilt has entered into a previous collaboration with the Bildt Norderhart Hospital. At the launch of the new UMSC, participants were given an explanation of about thirty ongoing operations Research projects on MS† A research project with extensive media coverage: related to a series of studies on Effects of diet on MSLed by Professor Jerome Hendricks (Hasselt University).

One study from this project focused specifically on certain antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, including apples. fluoriteAn antioxidant found in apples and strawberries. It can repair nerve cells damaged by MS† This beneficial effect has been demonstrated in cell cultures and animal models. This study is part of the PhD degree for Tess Dierckx, UHasselt Biomedical Sciences, who will receive his PhD this week.

How do you explain this news?

The UMSC New Limburg Center is an important player in scientific research in MS in Europe. For this nervous disorder, there So far, there is no curative treatment† Knowledge about the MS course and how it affects this cycle is growing. This in itself is a very positive thing. For example, a healthy lifestyle will have a positive effect on the course of the disease.

In this context, UMSC is investigating various components of food, including fluoriteAn antioxidant found in apples and strawberries. In rat models, where encephalitis has been demonstrated in laboratory animals, highly concentrated antioxidants appear to be high Inflammatory symptoms of affected neurons † This creates Perspectives for a potential treatment of MS† The participating scientists made the following comments when presenting this research:

  • is Floretin Not yet tested on humansNot even in MS patients.
  • The dose needed for the effect cannot be obtained from a few apples.

However, with apples, headlines attract more attention than the title of the article. If we had kicked off the whole strawberry season, we might have seen the headlines with strawberries.


In research and laboratory experiments in mice with encephalitis, phretin, a substance found in apples and strawberries, reduces nerve inflammation in the brain. In the context of scientific research, this is a major advance, but it does not mean that a cure for MS will follow soon. Not that eating apples can slow MS. The concentration of phloritin in apples is very low for this. It is hoped that much more research on MS will be done at the new MSC University.

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