“Costa Rica Melon Exports to Europe Drop Significantly”

Unexpected rainfall in two production areas in Tholan – Costa Rica led to several crop failures and total production losses in melon farms,” ​​says Rolf Weber of Global Producers. “Furthermore, the night temperature in all areas is 3. 4 degrees less for months. These low nighttime temperatures reduce the production of watermelons, turmeric, galea and cantaloupe melons by 15-20% due to smaller fruits.”

“The area is already limited by high prices for fertilizers and plant protection products combined with relatively high ocean freight rates and difficult dollar/euro exchange rates, which have already led to reluctance to plant early,” says Rolfe. . According to him, the marginal quality and shelf life of melons from Central America is not only the result of weather problems, but also the result of farmers’ efforts to reduce the use of chemical agents.

“Bafru S.A. / The number of global producers will decrease by an average of 20% compared to the planned number. This is about 10-14% decrease for cantaloupe, galea and yellow melons and 30-40% for the Ministry of Export and well-known seed companies for all melon varieties from Costa Rica to Europe. 40% foresee a drop in exports,” says Rolf.

“In general, we expect stable prices in March, and if the weather is good, even with shortages and high prices from late March/early April, export-quality melons needed for export will not be available in Central America,” Rolfe concludes.

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