Corso Sindh crosses the Johnstown border: Monastery dahlia festival followed from USA and Spain

Corso Sindh crosses the Johnstown border: Monastery dahlia festival followed from USA and Spain

After consultation, the organizing Christian Orange Association has decided to allow the event to continue for now. Photo: COV / Wilco Witcher

The Christian Orange Association has done a lot of work this year in collaboration with other international flower events. For example, connections have been established with events in the United States and Spain. As a result, among other things, parade makers are yielding new prices that can be earned with their dahlias from 2022 onwards.

“Although no marches have been organized in the last two years, you have not continued to grow as an event,” says Ronnie Rook on behalf of the PR Committee. “This is manifested in the pursuit of alliances at the regional, national and international levels.

Spain and the United States

Earlier this year, the first contacts were made by Sint Johns Cluster with the Rose Parade Pasadena (USA), the Portland Rose Festival (USA) and the Badalla de Flores from Laredo (Spain). Rook notes that the reactions to all three events were very positive, meanwhile a notice was signed to work together on all three events.

Among other things, strengthening each other’s brands, global recognition for marches and knowledge exchange have been established as departure points. In addition, these international collaborations are important in the current process of acquiring the Corso culture on UNESCO’s global list. “These collaborations may not come at a better time: this is a good motivation for UNESCO to make a decision later this year,” says Rook.

Extra cost

During the Corso Sind Johns Cluster, which is scheduled for Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, 2022, the goal is to present an international gift in addition to the existing ones. The winner of this award will be determined by the representatives of the three events. The Clusters Dahlia Festival will be enjoyed live streaming in the US and Spain.

Rook says this is a great step in the development of the Corso Sint Johnskluster brand. For him, it proves once again how special a local event can be. Later this year there will also be a visit (working) from St. John’s Cluster to the Rose Parade Pasadena. The ‘parade’ is scheduled for January 1, 2022. The Badalla de Flores in Laredo is also expected to be visited in 2022, which usually takes place at the end of August each year. This year, however, the show was canceled for the second time in a row. “The result is that these international collaborations reflect the mission of the organization well, and we are very proud of that,” Rook concludes.

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Blumencorso Sint Johns Cluster will continue for now, with the final result following: ‘All signals for this year are green’

22 April 2021, 08:25

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