Coronavirus Weekly Figures: Limburg Still Hardest hit |  1 Limburg

Coronavirus Weekly Figures: Limburg Still Hardest hit | 1 Limburg

Relatively speaking, Limburg had the highest number of coronavirus infections in the entire country last week. The province was hardest hit for the fourth week in a row.

This is evidenced by numbers from two Limburg GGDs.

With 194.24 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, Limburg tops the list. Friesland (188.32) and Nord Brabant (168.17) follow. The death rate in Friesland is the highest at 5.85 per 100,000 inhabitants. And this number is also large in our province: 2.77 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The municipality of Echt-Susteren was relatively the worst affected last week. With 420.65 injuries per 100,000 residents, Echt-Susteren is ahead of the municipalities of Landgraaf (320.37) and Roermond (288.39).

Slight decrease
In the past seven days, 2,170 new infections were recorded in Limburg. This is lower than last week. Then, 2,521 new infections were reported. The total number of injuries in Limburg increased to 66,221.

Hospitalization and deaths
Last week, the number of people admitted to the hospital increased by 27 to 2,162, in addition to the death of 31 people due to the effects of the virus. In the county, Covid-19 has claimed at least 1,339 lives.

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Distorted image due to closed sites
The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) received 1,779 reports between Monday and Tuesday morning of positive coronavirus tests. The institute earlier announced that the numbers until Wednesday give a distorted picture, because test streets across the country were closed on Sunday due to the harsh winter weather. A number of them remained closed on Monday. Vaccination and test sites reopened in Limburg again on Monday.

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A total of 24,501 new cases of corona were recorded in the past seven days. More than half a million people in the Netherlands have received the vaccine against the Coronavirus so far. It relates to 504,736 people. That’s about 177,000 more than the previous week, according to RIVM, which leads the vaccination program.

Of the vaccinations, 66,409 people have already received the second dose, which means that they are protected at least temporarily from the virus.

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Nursing home workers and people over 80
The largest group vaccinated to date consists of nursing home workers who are over 80 years old and who are living at home. Of this group, 294,633 people were vaccinated, 26,409 of whom received a second dose. In addition, 151,584 residents of major aged care homes and care institutions were vaccinated. In addition, 40,000 people have been vaccinated from Corona care. Among them are nurses and doctors in intensive care, emergency care and Corona wards, as well as ambulance personnel.

Finally, 13,600 general practitioners and 4,919 small-home residents have now received the vaccine.

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